Wake! N Sleep...™

Wake! N Sleep...™ is Purple Taxi’s way of describing what is usually referred to as day or night skin products. There is a real difference between a day and night formula. During the day your skin is put under pressure from make up, pollution, UV rays and ecological stresses ,whilst at night time your skin needs to regenerate from the rigors of the day.

Day creams are usually applied before any cosmetics to form a protective barrier full of natural anti oxidants and anti aging properties. Ingredients like Aloe Vera that has natural moisturising and anti aging positives, and Australian natural Honey that repairs the skin with its powerful antioxidants and will make your skin glow.

Night Creams are formulated to help your skin regenerate, restore and repair. These are formulated with slow absorbing moisturising in mind and help to repair and revitalise your skin.  Ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, that keeps your skin hydrated and has extremely strong anti-aging properties and Green Tea Extract that will gently exfoliate and is packed full of antioxidants and has positive anti inflammatory properties. 

So if you see one of our roducts with "Wake! N Sleep...™" then it can be used at any time of the day or night. If it has "Wake Up!™", then it is for use during the day, and in most cases its best to apply first thing in the morning, before you apply make up. Then "Sleep Tight...™" is for night use, right before you go to bed, after your make up has been removed.


Wake! N Sleep™  = Day and Night use

Wake Up!™           = Day use

Sleep Tight...™    = Night use