As it turns out, everyone dreams about flawless skin. A bundle of cosmetic products promise amazing skin and impressive results, but the harsh truth is not all of them manage to deliver that. So, what can you do to improve skin`s health? You will be amazed that the answer comes from the area of natural remedies. Some natural fragrances with ylang-ylang essential oil do not only have a fragrant smell, but it also helps balance the sebum levels of both dry and oily complexions.

What is Ylang-Ylang Oil?

Ylang-ylang is considered the flower of flowers due to its unique sweet smelling flowers that are used for obtaining the so loved oil. This essential oil is usually used in aromatherapy as it has the power to relax and induce a calm state of mind. This plant comes from exotic countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, where it is considered a natural aphrodisiac.

Benefits of Ylang-Ylang for skin

Ylang-Ylang oil is perfect for those of us that are fighting with combination skin. It was scientifically proven that this oil can balance excess oil production on the skin. If you blend ylang-ylang oil with geranium oil, its curative powers are boosted. Both oils act as a facial moisturizer, while keeping the production of sebum at normal levels.

If you are looking for a natural facial toner, ylang-ylang oil is the perfect option for you. Due to the fact that it regulates the sebum levels on the skin, it is great as a facial toner for both combination and oily skin. Use a spray bottle and add a tablespoon of vegetable glycerine, 3 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil and 3 drops of geranium essential oil. Add half a cup of organic rose water and shake well. Mist on a clean dry face and leave it to dry. After that, apply you favourite moisturizer and your skin will feel renewed!

Ylang-Ylang oil has the power to soothe skin irritations due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Thus, is a great aid in dealing with skin irritations caused by extreme dryness or acne. So, if you want to diminish your acne, you can use the following recipe. Mix 2 drops of ylang-ylang oil with a tablespoon of hazel oil and apply it to your skin. It acts as an antiseptic acne treatment, so it is recommended to leave it on the skin for a couple of minutes before washing it off.

And there is more! Besides its healing properties, regarding acne and inflammation, ylang-ylang oil is known for its power to reduce fine lines and boost skin`s elasticity. Applying a couple of drops of ylang-ylang natural oil to your skin will fight against premature aging of the skin cells. Apply it in the evening, massage it into the skin and allow it to be absorbed over night. In the morning, you skin will look and feel healthier! Using this oil on a daily basis will aid you in maintaining youthful skin and a healthy looking complexion, while feeding your skin cells with the proper amounts of nutrients.