We all dream about that amazing skin which astonishes everyone. And we all ask ourselves how to get healthy skin. Well, the answer is quite simple and it goes as it follows. Healthy skin comes from the inside out. This means that what you eat will reflect your skin`s appearance. As it turns out, diets that are based on processed foods lead to dull, oily and discoloured skin. Thus, in order to achieve a healthy looking complexion you will have to follow a diet that feeds your body a bundle of vitamins and nutrients. Here are a couple of vital vitamins that support your skin`s health.

  1. Vitamin A

One of the most important vitamins for skin is vitamin A. A deficiency of this vitamin can lead to a dry and flaky complexion, which prematurely ages your skin. So, you can get the proper amounts of this vitamin by eating foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots and leafy vegetables. Moreover, dermatologists recommend using a lotion that has a high content of vitamin A directly on the skin. It will allow you to diminish acne and premature aging signs.

  1. Vitamin B

If you want to get healthy nails,, skin and hair you should definitely manage your intake of vitamin B. A lack of this vitamin causes dermatitis and hair loss. Thus, you should eat aliments such as oatmeal, rice, eggs and bananas in order to get the right amounts of Vitamin B. One of the most important nutrients found in foods with vitamin B complex is biotin, which supports the healthy appearance of nails, skin and hair cells.

  1. Vitamin C

Well, this vitamin gains its popularity due to the fact that it fights colds and helps our body recover quickly. But, vitamin C is great for encouraging the collagen production in our body, too. Citrus fruits, leafy greens, bell peppers or cauliflower must be a part of your diet if you want to get healthy looking skin.

  1. Vitamin E

For those of us that face dry, rough skin, it is best to use vitamin E. Nuts, olives or spinach are those foods that feed our body a high amount of vitamin E. As it turns out, it has the power to reduce dryness and help our skin stay soft. Moreover, dermatologists say that in some cases it is good to apply topically vitamin E oil in order to treat acne scars and extreme dryness.

  1. Vitamin K

Foods that have a high content of Vitamin K are known for their power to fade discolorations on the skin. Specialists recommend including in diets leafy greens, along with using the vitamin K topically. This will help diminish dark circles, bruises or scars quicker.

  1. Fibres

Did you know that a healthy colon is key to healthy skin? Well, it is true due to the fact that the toxins in our body can lead to skin problems. Specialists call it auto-toxicity and leads to a great stress in our body. Hence, when our body fights those unwanted toxins, we might experience dark spots on our skin or acne. In order to keep our colon healthy we should eat high-fibre foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, chia seeds and freshly ground flax seeds.