Admit it! You are always wondering how some people have glowing and radiant skin no matter the season we are in. You might think that it is rather difficult to achieve this, but in fact, it is quite simple. Keep in mind that you do not need expensive cosmetic products in order to achieve this. As it turns out all you need is a couple of simple yoga exercises which have the power to add a permanent glow on your face.

So, let`s see what are the main causes for the most common skin problems. Premature wrinkling can appear mostly because of stress and unhealthy lifestyle. Moreover, smoking, alcohol or even unhealthy food choices can accentuate those wrinkles. Another skin problem that we see more and more often is acne and it is usually caused by hormonal imbalances. Furthermore, some of us may even experience pimples caused by a difficult digestion. Anyway, no matter the problem, a couple of yoga asanas can help you get a natural facelift that will make your skin glow and look healthy.

Yoga asanas for blood flow

In order to achieve a naturally beautiful skin tone, you have to boost the blood circulation to the head and face areas. The following yoga poses are perfect for achieving this.

  • The Cobra Pose has the power to relax and elevate your mood, which leads to a flexible and smooth skin. Lie on your stomach with your forehead placed on your mat. Move your palms under your shoulders and be careful to keep your elbows parallel to your torso. While you take a deep breath lift your head and chest.
  • The Fish Pose is meant to relax your muscles and balance your hormones, all of which are crucial for a more flexible and firm skin. All you have to do is lay on your back, place your hands underneath the hips and lift your head and chest. This will make you feel more relaxed than ever!
  • Don`t forget about the handstand! It is an empowering yoga pose that balances our energy levels and allows our skin to breathe properly. Sit on your mat on both your knees and hands and slowly lift yourself by supporting your weight on your hands and feet. For beginners, it is best to use some support like leaning on the wall in order to stand on your hands properly. The key here is to find your inner balance that will allow you to stand upside down.
  • A rather simple yoga pose, bending and touching your toes can work miracles for your face. Stretching improves blood circulation, while bending directs the blood flow to your face.

How long to keep these yoga poses

Everyone does yoga in her or his own rhythm. It I best to keep these poses for around 1 to 5 minutes. However, if you have onset back pains, injuries and such that can hinder you, make sure you check with your physician first and if there is a way to modify the pose. There are other yoga poses that you can do that can help with a natural facelift or even some yoga exercises for face. Always remember that yoga is all about finding your inner balance and peace, which signifies that you should feel comfortable while doing it. Don`t overdo the poses, just move inside your boundaries!