You hear more and more often about people that use Botox in order to diminish or even eliminate lines and wrinkles. But did you actually ask yourself what Botox is? Well, the answer is at the very least intriguing: Botox is a substance that blocks nerve impulses that determine your muscles to contract. Also, if injected into your skin it stops the muscles from contracting. Thus, a skin that can`t contract, can`t be wrinkled. The entire theory revolving around this treatment is based on the false assumption it can keep wrinkles at bay. It would`ve been a perfect treatment, if wrinkles were caused by muscles.

The main cause that leads to the appearance of wrinkles is loss of collagen. Collagen is a substance that supports skin`s elasticity, which is why we need to keep its levels balanced. Loss of collagen leads to the appearance of lines, wrinkles and even thinning of the skin. Instead of opting (or dreaming) for Botox injections, we suggest you opt for a more natural remedy, which is cheaper and has long lasting effects.

As it turns out, bone broth and gelatine contain collagen, which our skin needs for elasticity. Remember that when your body produces collagen, it minimises the fine lines and wrinkles. However, production of collagen depletes with age and a supplement is needed from a good source. This is why you should try using in your diet bone broth.  Here is a list of some of the benefits of drinking bone broth:

  • It is rich in collagen, a protein that promotes healthy looking skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It supports tissue regeneration by feeding our body proteins that encourage the appearance of new cells. As it this was not enough, bone broth is great for keeping the immune system in shape.
  • It acts as a detoxifier, which makes our skin look healthier. Also, due to this detoxification, the risk of developing blackheads or pimples is diminished.

How does bone broth get your skin a healthy look?

If you are still sceptical about this natural remedy, here is a list with the most important nutrients you`ll find in bone broth.

  • One of the core elements of bone broth is, of course, bone marrow. This is strictly linked to the bones used in preparing the broth, but it was proven by a couple of studies that it has a beneficial impact on both immunity and blood health.
  • Following up closely, minerals are found in abundance in bone broth. Calcium and magnesium improve sleep quality, which is important for getting a radiant skin.
  • Bone broth is rich in glycine and proline. These two amino acids produce heme in blood and glucose, while promoting a healthy digestion. Moreover, these particular amino acids are the ones responsible for the correct production of collagen.

How to use bone broth in order to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Eat lots of healthy soups such as chicken soup. It will keep you hydrated and feed you the beneficial nutrients your body requires.
  • Use bone broth when cooking braised greens. Even though the liquid evaporates, the nutrients will remain.
  • Specialists recommend cooking grains in bone broth because it will double the nutrients and vitamins the body absorbes.