Have you heard about the miracle gel for dark circles? If not, here is the ingredient that will stop dark circles under the eyes. Arnica gel is considered one of the most effective products for treating and fighting both regular and chronic dark circles.

The main reason for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes is lack of sleep. But for some people allergies and the environment they live in can lead to the appearance of the unwanted circles. Other reasons include certain nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, aging and even genetics. There are a couple of ways in which you can get rid of dark circles, one of them including proper intake of water. Dehydration leads to the appearance of dark circles due to the fact that it allows the thin skin around our eyes to get in contact with the bones underneath. Another solution for this problem is using arnica gel, a herbal remedy that works wonders.

Arnica is a plant part of the family of different sunflowers. Its yellow petals are collected and dried for use in herbal remedies and medications. Throughout the history of humankind it was repeatedly noted that arnica is great for sprains and bruises. Moreover, coaches for different sports noted that arnica gel is great for recovering athletes.

You may wonder how arnica gel works for your eyes. Well, the answer is quite simple. Arnica is a plant that has the power to fade bruises, heal sprains and fight inflammation in different areas of our body. It was a couple of years back when arnica gel was first used for the skin around the eyes. It is said to be the perfect remedy to get rid of dark circles due to the fact that it fights inflammation at a deeper tissue level.

Arnica gel is a great remedy because it boosts circulation of white blood cells. Thus, the healing time is diminished and the skin is encouraged to properly fight the inflammation present in a specific area of the body. Specialists say that the active ingredients present in arnica have the same properties as caffeine. As it happens in the case of caffeine, arnica has the ability to constrict both blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, which decreases the abundance of dark circles.

How to use arnica gel to stop dark circles under the eyes

In order to be effective in the fight against dark circles, it is best to apply arnica gel directly on the area affected. Keep in mind that you should not allow the gel to get in contact with the eyes because it can cause redness and irritation of the eyes. Moreover, specialists say it is not recommended to be applied on skin that has open wounds. There are no major side effects documented, but health specialists state that a small percentage of the users might experience side effects such as redness and irritation. If this happens, it is best to stop using the gel until the side effects diminish.