Did you know that ancient Egyptians were the first ones who used Aloe Vera as a medicinal ingredient? As it turns out, they called it the plant of immortality and it was popular amongst women due to the fact that applied topically it had the power to soften complexion and treat imperfections. It was believed that aging signs were drastically diminished by using Aloe Vera regularly.

Aloe Vera is part of the Liliacea family, being a cactus plant that thrives in dry climates. Besides the ancient Egyptians, this plant was used for its medicinal properties by Africans and Indians, too. Everyone used it for the clear gel its leaves produces and applied it directly on the skin to heal wounds and soothe irritations.

Nowadays, a multitude of studies have been done regarding this plant. The benefits of the Aloe Vera plant are numerous and include treating almost all skin conditions or scalp and hair issues. Also, studies have shown that Aloe Vera gel is helpful in treating wounds and burns and plays a major role in dealing with eczema, dandruff or psoriasis.

Benefits of Aloe Vera gel

During summer this gel can be used as an adjutant in sunburns. Its core benefit is the fact that it acts as a barrier for the skin, while allowing it to replenish its moisture. So, due to its high content of nutrients and vitamins, Aloe Vera gel heals skin quicker.

Another benefit worth mentioning is that aloe is a great moisturizer. It is a great ingredient for those that experience an oily skin complexion because aloe nourishes without leaving the skin greasy. Moreover, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is recommended for treating acne and other chronic skin conditions.  It diminishes skin inflammations and itchiness, while having a calming effect.

Other benefits of Aloe Vera include the fact that it fights aging. Aloe has in its composition antioxidants such as beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E that have the power to boost skin`s natural firmness, while keeping it properly hydrated. So, fine lines can be kept at bay by regularly using Aloe Vera gel.

So, red, irritated skin can be soothed instantly with Aloe Vera. If the inflammation on the skin is prolonged, this can cause the skin to break down the collagen. Thus Aloe Vera is considered one of the best natural skin soothers to ensure that your skin stays vibrant and smooth. The Aloe Vera gel contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory healing properties that can penetrate through the skin and provide nourishment. Let`s see how to use it on your complexion.

How to use Aloe Vera

First of all, it is recommended that you use once a week a natural hydrating mask such as oatmeal and avocado. After applying it, allow it to work its magic for around 20 minutes. Remove it by using a warm, clean cloth. This type of mask can relieve inflammation and diminish redness.

After cleaning your skin and using the mask, apply Aloe Vera gel directly on your skin. It is best to use the gel directly from the plant due to the fact that none all natural skin care products might have other ingredients or preservatives in it.